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  • Buy your Medical Equipment.
  • Get some Patches.
  • Want another School Shirt?
  • When you pass, get your Shield.
  • Need some EMT Pants?
  • Need a new Uniform?
  • How about some work shoes?
  • Want to Join a Great Ambulance Corps?
  • Need access to the 10th ed. AAOS Web Site?

Click on the Logos to visit these Sites.

Medical Warehouse

72 Grays Bridge Road
Brookfield, CT 06804

(800) 969-6945

Medical Equipment for School

Medical Toys for your belt or Tech Bag. 


AAOS 10th Edition

Your 10-digit access code can be found on the inside front cover of Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, Tenth Edition. Click the book, then click the button to login with your username and password.

Volunteer Heart Ambulance Corps

CLICK the Logo to go To:
Volunteer Heart Ambulance
P.O. Box 060252
Staten Island, New York 10306

(718) 979-5850

Responding to the NYC*EMS call sign 95-Adam, Volunteer Heart Ambulance of Staten Island, New York (or “Volly Heart” as we are often called) proudly serves approximately a half-million people living in an area of 34 square miles.